Renewable energy:

Clean energy sourced through natural resources and replenishable. Its sources are water, wind, sunlight, tides and geothermal heat.


  • About 16% of global energy consumption presently generated from renewable resources.
  • Clean, green and sustainable.
  • With Availability of Renewable energy resources spread over wide geographical areas.
  • Green energy gaining importance with raising concern over Global warming.
  • Technology and efficiency is resulting in significant energy growth and sustainability.

About Wind Energy:

Energy generation through wind energy in practice over thousands of years in boats/ships. Early stage converting wind power into mechnacial power was in practice in first century AD. During Tenth century AD, wind power is used to pump water. Mordenised commercial will mill became operational in early Twentyerth century. Currently more than Two Lakh (Two Hundred Thousand) wind mills are in operation accross the world. Worldwide installed capacity of wind power nearing 300 GW.

This century, growing concerns on energy security, global warming and running out of fossil fuel leading to widespread expansion in all available forms of renewable energy. Growing technological advancement, database analysis and management reduced project cost and maintenance is considerably over a period of time. Future looks bight for wind energy with expected growth rate of about 25% per year.

Wind power in India:

Thought post 1950 wind energy had grater existence in Europe and America. Only in 1986 India's first wind mill was installed. With Govt initiatives through Income Tax benefits and financing, wind energy has progressed steadily in 1990's. Currenty 20 GW wind power installed in the country.Wind power accounts for 8.5% of India's total installed power capacity, and it generates 1.6% of the country's power. India is the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world. On shore wind power potential in India has been assessed at 50000 MW. With energy demand exceeding supply and Govt schemes, wind energy will play greater importance in energy security.

Our Exposure:

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